My Story

I love candles and having a great smelling house.  Unfortunately, candles with wicks are dangerous.  After the second time of leaving a candle burning, my husband threw away all my candles.  For about a year, we had no candles.  We used the occasional room spray and store bought plug ins, but I didn't get the results I wanted.  In August of 2009 I bought my first Scentsy warmer and loved it.  I was invited to a couple Scentsy parties in November of 2009.  I purchased a several items as Christmas gifts. I hosted my own party and pretty much took over for the consultant.  When I realized how easy it was, and how much I had lost on commission (would have paid for my kit), I signed up.  Scentsy is an outstanding product.  It really sells itself with the quality in products and scents.  Back in 2003 I was going through a divorce and was not able to provide for my children like I wanted to.  I couldn't even have gotten them anything for Christmas without the help of my family.  I have never budgeted well for Christmas since then and have to juggle bills to buy the gifts.  For the past several Christmases, my commissions with Scentsy paid for ALL of our Christmas gifts for our entire family and friends.  I even had money left over.  We have been able to help others every year and pass on this blessing. This is my 4th direct sales company I have started and this is the company I have stuck with and will retire with.  Scentsy is the at home business I have been searching for.  My whole family is on board with Scentsy!!  I made Director in September of 2011 and the sky is the limit on what I can achieve for my family.  If you need a change and want to see yourself and your family in a better place, contact me and I will show you how easy it is to be successful with Scentsy.  As your sponsor, I am always here to help with any questions and help you succeed!!!  It is all about Simplicity, Authenticity, and Generosity. <!--endbody-->